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About This Blog

I'm average. You're probably average. This is not a bad thing. Synonyms for "average:" standard, normal, typical.  When did normal become a bad thing? Some of us might be slightly above average in some areas. Maybe we're really good at singing or playing baseball or riding a long board.  But excellent? Perfect? Who wants to be that? Who EXPECTS that? This blog is dedicated to all of US, rather than THEM.  This past fall I learned that the average weighted GPA of incoming freshmen to a local state college was 4.07. It took me a week just to figure out how so many kids could get grades higher than an A+ (it's weighted, for those who want to know, which means the kids took a bunch of advanced placement courses in high school, which cranks up the GPA and sends it higher than a 4.0).

I will be blogging and posting links and news items to encourage sane discussion about what it means to be "smart."  I will also be looking into alternative learners, the horrors of raising and being kids in this climate, and I will also occasionally post "stupidist test" questions.